March Easter Basket Classes


Kim's Easter Basket as designed by Helen Springer
Kim's Easter is a large, round basket with colored spokes and a matching band of color around the center. Choose from an oak push-in handle or create a self-formed handle from the spokes and wrap them to suit your imagination. Advanced beginner level so expect to attend both classes.

Mini Easter Basket as designed by Nina Vickers
This cutie features a filled-in rectangular base and a center ash strip. A wrapped handle completes the basket. Beginner level project you can expect to finish in 1 class.

Lily's Easter Basket based on Joan Moore's design
Truly a colorful cathead basket! Each spoke is a different color and colored round reed accents the look. Double cane weavers form the bottom, natural and colored reed finish the sides. A beautiful wrapped and braided handle tops this one off. Intermediate level finished in 2 classes.