Rug Braiding

We have the opportunity to take a rug braiding class with Marjorie Corrow from Hamburg, New York. Marjorie was a vendor at the recent Fiber Expo and I was really impressed with her rugs, with rug hooked centers and braided borders. I talked with her at length and she has agreed to come to The Basket Sampler to teach classes April 11-13, 2022. Marjorie has been braiding rugs for several decades. Most of her wool is from old clothing that she has collected and torn apart. She does not hook her own centers, as she wants to concentrate on the art of braiding.

Here are some of the details of the class:

There will be three one day classes offered:

The number of students for each class will be 4-8.

The cost will be $110 for a one day class. I will need $50 deposit which is not refundable but can be transferred. $30 of this cost is a kit price. If you have any of the components of the kit (braid aids, waxed linen, blunt tip needles) you would not be obligated to purchase them and that will reduce the cost of the class.

The rugs will not be completed in the day, but you will learn the techniques to finish them on your own.

All of the rugs will be a different size depending on the center. You will need to bring 6-8 garments that are at least 70% wool. They need to be washed, taken apart with all hardware and interfacings removed and left as flat pieces of wool. Marjorie wants to be able to look at the wool before tearing it into strips since different weights will be torn differently. She also said we could use pieces of our hand dyed wool or wool off the bolt if we want. You will also need a sewing needle and thread to match the wool as it is sewn together.

If you choose to use a hooked center, it can be any size. Marjorie recommends round or oval as the easiest to learn on. A rectangle with rounded edges will also work well. Squared off edges are a little harder to learn to do right. She teaches a coiled braid, not a braid that butts at the edges. This will be more appropriate for something with more than a row or two of coiling. You don't have to have a hooked center, a rug that is all braided will be good to do as well.

If you want to bring a lunch and snacks you are welcome to do so.

I would like to get an idea of who may be interested in taking the class. I need a minimum of 4 each day, so please send me an email and let me know if this is something you may want to do.