Harvest Napkin Basket in Square

Materials Quantity
5/8" ff spokes 14 approx. 19-20"
#2 rr base twine 2 rows around base
11/64" fo, dyed 3 rows plus lashing
1/2" ff, dyed 4 rows
3/8" ff rim row
1/2" fo rim pieces
#0 seagrass 3-5 piece rim filler
Iron handles 2 - optional
3/16" base filler
  • Each row and rim piece will require approximately 35" pieces to complete. Handles and base filler are optional. You can opt to use 1 piece of thicker seagrass instead of twisting 3-5 thinner pieces to fill the rim. Fall colored space dyed reed was used for the project shown here
  • Base: From 5/8 ff, cut 14 spokes approximately 19-20" long. Mark the centers on the wrong sides and soak them well.

    Lay out 7 spokes horizontally and weave in the other 7 spokes vertically, making sure to line up the center marks. Adjust the base until the spaces between the spokes are the same size and the base measures approximately 7" x 7".

    With #2 rr, twine 2 rows around the base to hold the shape and size. Soak spokes well and upset them to begin the sides.
  • Sides: All rows are stop/start in dyed 1/2" ff & 11/64". Begin with 1/2" f.f at any spoke. Keep in mind that the last wall row needs to be done in 11/64". This is important as you cut and tuck the spokes. The tucked spokes need to be tucked under the 1/2" ff. rows, not the 11/64" rows.

    Alternate 1/2" ff dyed and 11/64 fo dyed for a total of 7 rows. With 3/8"ff, weave the rim row.

    Soak the top part of your basket, cut and tuck the spokes.
  • Rim: Soak 1/2" fo until it's very pliable and fit it around the outside of the rim, cutting it off to fit with a 2 inch overlap. Fit the inside rim in the same manner.

    Scrape off the overlap areas to reduce bulk. Clamp the rim pieces in place.

    Cut pieces of seagrass to fit between the rim pieces and go around the basket with a little overlap. You can twist the seagrass ends together instead of overlapping them if you wish.

    The iron handles fit between the rim pieces, on top of the rim row and under the seagrass filler. Clip them in place to secure them until you lash them in to the rim.

    Lash: With 11/64 dyed reed, lash around the basket rim in both directions to create an X at each spoke. When you reach the iron handles, lash over them as if they were part of your rim filler, making sure they're upright.
  • Base filler: Soak 3/16" fo. Weave rows in between the base spokes to fill in the open spaces. You can use one weaver for two rows if you simply fold the weaver backward and weave in the opposite direction when you reach the first side. Fold the weaver over its self to hide the end each time you move to the next row of spaces.